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Robert Thomas has been helping protect the lives of people and their families forRobert Thomas Insurance Broker over 15 years.  Robert provides comprehensive personal insurance advice and makes sure that there are no details missed and that you get you the cover that you need for your circumstances.

Robert is a trusted and experienced Insurance Broker to hundreds of clients throughout Ashburton and the greater Canterbury region.

Robert is a Registered Financial Adviser and meets strict industry standards and ethics. Ongoing industry training is also a crucial part of his business so clients can rest assured that the advice and recommended solutions come from years of experience and modern insurance solutions.

Whether you want to make sure all final debts are paid, or maybe you want to avoid waiting lists for medical care, or you have a small business and need to make sure your income keeps coming in when you can’t work. Whatever your need, Robert can talk to you about your best options, and how you can protect you and your family during a stressful time when you don’t want to worry about money.

Robert is there right from the first meeting – finding where your financial risks are, setting up your insurance plan, and when it comes time to make a claim he is right there with you. Rest assured, if you’re eligible to claim, Robert will help you complete your claim forms, and if it is a medical insurance claim, he will assist in getting pre-approved. He is just a phone call away.

Robert would love to hear from you and assist you so that you can have the right cover and protection for you or your family. Please get in contact for a no obligation discussion of your requirements and great personal advice.

Robert Thomas

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