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Robert Thomas Ashburton

Robert Thomas in Ashburton

Robert Thomas in Ashburton is an insurance broker and specialises in helping arrange Life Insurance cover for individuals and families in the Canterbury area.

Robert is there right with you from the start.  From your initial meeting to claim time.  You will immediately feel comfortable with Robert and as you get to know him, your confidence and trust will grow.  Robert takes a systematic approach to financial risk and will help you identify financial risks, and help you understand what risks you may be able to manage yourself, and what risks should be passed over to a private insurer.

If you live in the Ashburton area or even the wider Canterbury area, give Robert a call on 03 3077 6147 he can come and meet with you at a time and place that suits you.

If you’re too busy during working hours, not a problem.  Is your household hectic when you get home from work? no problem, he can meet with you during a quieter time.

Robert Thomas Insurance Broker

If you want to know about his experience, Robert Thomas has been helping people with their insurance cover for over 15 years.  and understands how complex and sometimes confusing insurance can be, but when Robert talks to you, he makes it easy to understand what you are getting.

If you are looking for Life Insurance, Trauma Cover, Cancer Cover, Total Disablement Cover, Income Replacement Insurance, Mortgage Repayment Insurance, Funeral Insurance or even private Medical Insurance then Robert Thomas in Ashburton is the insurance broker for you.

If you want to know more about Robert Thomas, you can check out what his clients say about Robert here or if you’re ready for great service from a broker you can trust the contact us anytime, even if you’re outside the Ashburton area.

robert thomas ashburton